Notes from Thailand

Hey guys! In this post I will share my impressions and observation from the last trip to Thailand. You can relax now… this is not going to be one of those blog in which I am going to tell you about all the places you have to visit and all the food you have to try. However, I will tell you some random (sometimes completely random) facts and observations that I hope you will find interesting and some of them may even make you smile. Let’s get started.

  • Humid air makes it hard to breathe. Even very fit people will find themselves short of breath.

  • Tons of new flavours, scents and sounds awaken your sensations. You are trying to get a grasp of every little detail…analyse it and feel it. It becomes even overwhelming.

  •  If you are used to sleeping in a quiet environment with some street noise at most, then you are up for a big surprise. Here you will experience noises and sounds you have never heard before. You will probably spend most of the night guessing and trying to imagine what does the creature look like?

  • Is it a frog or a bird?? ( cuz the sound is like a mixture of both)? And then you’re up for a bit of a shock when you see a squirrel making the sound… then you realise that you are in a completely foreign world and there is so much to learn!!

  • Here some beaches look really nice, but there are no people swimming or just chilling a the beach… and only on a closer inspection will you realise that there is a reason why some beached are empty. The reasons may vary from water/beach pollution to sharp rocks in the water making it impossible to enjoy the beach. 

  • Avocados are imported from New Zealand and it makes them quite expensive. Same problem with apples and other fruit and veg that are so common in other parts of the world… but rest assured there is no shortage of fruits with funky names and looks. 

  • Traffic is not as chaotic as it may seem at first. Once you have spent some time walking/driving around your town, you will see that there is some kind of order and system to it. You can compare it to a bee swarm – chaotic but very fluid and organised.

These are the few observations I wanted to share with you today and as promised I kept them completely random and for the most part pretty useless to others. In any case, I hope you’ve had fun reading it!

Have a good one!