I am a fashion designer and a founder of Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Swimwear brand. I've created a Bikini-transformer that is so much fun to play with. To everyone’s surprise, my background is in Mining. I worked my way up in the industry. But one day, at 35 y.o., I decided to leave my Director’s chair and start it over again. I believe that a woman can accomplish whatever she dreams of, as long as she is open-minded and ready for transformations! 
DREAM.TRAVEL.TRANSFORM. - Miss Cosmopolita's slogan. We are here to inspire women to dream more, explore more and be open to transformations! 
The brand DNA comes from my values, dreams and desires. Miss Cosmopolita is a woman that belongs to the world. She is open-minded, and she is eager to explore our beautiful Planet.  She grows through her travels, just like I did.
I genuinely believe that all your dreams will come true if you dream it. Nothing is impossible and if you truly want to do something or be someone - you can do it! You just need to visualise it. 
Originally I am from Kazakhstan. I was raised in a Russian family. I lived in Russia, then the United States, the UK a couple of times, Australia and now I live in Spain. I love the experience of getting to know other cultures. It gives me different perspectives on the world. I believe that you transform with every country you travel to or live in. It is one thing to read about it and imagine it, and it is a different thing to experience it yourself. I have transformed. When people talk about the environment, poverty and pollution in Asia, for example, - I know it. I saw it. I felt it!
I have seen the ocean pollution, the beaches full of plastic and waste in Asia. Our planet suffers from our human activities. Birds, animals, fish die because of plastic pollution; this is why I decided to make my brand sustainable!  
Why generate more waste when you can recycle waste around us to produce something new?
My ultimate goal for the business is to bring awareness around sustainability and slow fashion into the masses through the fun concept - a bikini transformer. The multi-wear set doesn't take much space in a travel bag, helps to save money, the planet, and more importantly, it is fun to play with! I hope that the aspect of having fun and changing looks on the go will attract girls, that are not aware yet. I am hoping to be a part of the movement that influenced the Slow Fashion revolution.